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Welcome to, your ultimate authority for leather motorcycle vests, jackets and biker gear accessories. While out cruising the streets having the right safety gear is critical, but you also have to have the perfect leather motorcycle vest or jacket to complete the "look".  We strive to offer the perfect mix of "functional" and "cool" when it comes to ALL of your leather biker vest and jacket needs, as well as, all of your motorcycle accessory needs.

Though there are many options available when selecting a leather biker vest or jacket, characteristics like durability and comfort are of the utmost importance. Our vests and jackets are made of genuine leather and hold up to the test of time. We not only stand behind our merchandise, but we wear our products, too! We find the vests are conversation starters and show a bit of our personalities.




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Cowhide? Buffalo hide?  What's the difference?

When choosing a leather vest or jacket, the shopper will notice that some are made of buffalo hide, cowhide, or hog hide. You'll also notice that some are made of smaller pieces of leather and look similar to patchwork quilts, while other apparel is made of large solid pieces. Here are some facts that will help you choose what is right for you.

  • Cowhide, buffalo hide and hog hide are all soft and durable. They are used in the manufacturing of furniture, interior of cars, clothing, and a myriad of other uses.
  • Cowhide and buffalo hide are preferred hides used in clothing, but hog hide is used in countries, like Asia, where pork, not beef, is a staple product.
  • All hides have a full grain, which is the highest grade, but usually used for furniture, saddles, and bigger items.
  • Top grain or grade is the second highest grade and is not buffed or sanded, is long lasting and is very durable. It has a more plastic feel and does not breathe well. It is less expensive than full grain and doesn't stain as easily. Most motorcycle products (saddle bags, seats, jackets, vests, etc.) are made of the top grain or grade leather for better protection from the elements. Merchandise made from top grain or grade leather is more expensive than goods made from split grains.
  • Split leather is the fibrous part of leather that is left over when the top grain is removed. This layer may be split into two or three other layers and used for clothing. It often times has an artificial layer applied to it and is embossed with a leather grain. These layers of hide are very similar in strength and durability. This leather will generally be less expensive than top grain leather.
  • Solid leather vests or jackets will be more expensive than "patchwork" leather apparel. The less expensive leather clothing or merchandise is made from left over pieces of leather so that none of the leather is wasted. It's still genuine leather, still durable and still comfortable.

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There's a vest for everyone!

Those chilly morning or evening rides can be more comfortable with the added protection of a leather biker vest. It's just enough to keep the chest warm and comfortable during the ride. The large selection of men's and women's vests comes in a variety of sizes and styles. The leather vests come with or without colorful patches that are sewn in place. You can surely make a statement with your vest showing off the already sewn on patches. Or better yet, sew your own patches on from one or your favorite motorcycle events to make your vest a keepsake treasure. A plain vest can look stylish on anyone, whether you're a biker or just going out for a night on the town! You can change the look by changing what you wear underneath the vest. Either way, leather motorcycle vests can be an expression of who you really are as you cruise the open roads.

Are you ready for those colder breezes?

For the late autumn, early winter and spring rides, we carry men's and women's leather jackets. All jackets are lined for comfort and some linings are removable for that ever changing weather during those particular times of the year. (The linings can be stored in the motorcycle saddle bags...see motorcycle bags and luggage.) Motorcycle jackets come with a variety of patches or plain leather. Strong zippers or buckles add to the attractive design of the men's and women's motorcycle jackets. Some come with adjustable drawstrings on the side for a relaxed or snug fit, whichever you choose. Another garment to keep you warm and safe is motorcycle chaps.  Our site features and large variety in leather and nylon to meet the needs and wants of our motorcycle riders. Leather motorcycle jackets and chaps protect against cold weather, and dare we say those pesky bugs!


Purses, Backpacks and Motorcycle bags...all solutions for storage!

We carry leather purses, backpacks and wallets geared especially toward motorcycle enthusiasts. The purses have adjustable straps that can fit snuggly so that personal items can stay where they belong when cruising on your bike! The leather wallets for men have strong chains for added safety measures. The ladies lambskin purse features a zippered strap that converts into a backpack for easier carrying while riding on the motorcycle or a sling when just out for a stroll. The purses, wallets and backpacks are great to own yourself or buy as gifts for your motorcycle friends and relatives!

Motorcycle bags and luggage are a necessity for short or extended road trips.  Your storage problems are over when you look through our selections of motorcycle bags.  You'll find an extensive variety of motorcycle saddle bags, tank bags, sissy bar bags, trunk bags, touring bags, and backpacks that have adjustable straps to fit your motorcycle.  The motorcycle saddle bags are sturdy and deep enough for plenty of items to be stored during your rides.  For fair weather touring you can choose lightweight nylon bags with reflective strips or perhaps the padded backpacks.  We offer heavy duty waterproof motorcycle saddle bags and luggage that can withstand rugged exposure to the elements and the durability that lasts for years to come.  There are many opportunities to purchase individual bags or touring sets in this category.  Many of the motorcycle saddle bags are also coolers for beverages and food if you're planning on eating along the way to your destination!

But what about my hair!

We've heard over and over again that the utmost thrill of the motorcycle ride is the rush of air running through the hair! For those who are worried about the "do", we have head gear that makes it fun and keeps hair in place. We carry leather and fabric skull caps for that biker look that turn out to be fashionable and functional. Ladies, check out the head wraps that are sparkly and surely make a fashion statement while keeping your hair in style. The head wraps can be worn under the helmet when out on that motorcycle cruise. And for those extra chilly rides, we offer a variety of neck and face warmers, in both leather and fleece, for protection from the elements.

Look're sure to find what you need!

Don't leave this site without seeing all that we have to offer.  Our quality leather biker vests are just one of many items that bikers need.  Ladies, check out the quality leather purses that are sure ot meet your needs on short or extended trips.  The biker wallets would be a nice gift for that male biker in your life. Keep the conversation going with the intercom or bluetooth apparatus found in Skull Caps and More. We hope you enjoy your visit and please come join us again! We'd appreciate it if you'd "like" us on Facebook.  Just click the link below!